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By: sattvavibes

Learning Made Easy: Using Alpha Binaural Beats

1st January, 1970 Comment’s : 0

Are binaural beats able to help you learn better?

Yes, that's the short answer. However, to prove it, we need two things.

First, how conducive is your mind to learning and memory improvement. Second, what are the abilities of binaural beats? How do they affect the brain?

How to Learn the Best

A relaxed, focused, calm, and unaffected by anxiety, stress, or fatigue is the best state for learning. When we sleep well, our thoughts are not distracted by outside events or circumstances, and we are emotionally and calmly balanced; we learn the best.

This state is central to self-improvement and is often called The Alpha State. It is a brain state in which the body is fully awake and alert, and the mind is fully focused on the outside world.

We know that a distracted, scattered mind makes it difficult to learn and produce through personal experience with language learning, exam study, and working in new jobs. Yet, you'd think that the Alpha state would be easy to toggle on and off as needed.

Unfortunately, we can't reach this state regularly or at all without preparing our minds and bodies.

The Alpha state also has a problem: it is vulnerable to disruption at many levels and is very difficult to maintain.

If we don't get enough sleep, we can't concentrate for long periods of the day. Moreover, if we are experiencing stress in our lives, which is quite common in today's world, the mind becomes distracted and is unable to absorb information.

There are very few occasions when we are in the optimal learning zone. Our brainwaves are balanced with lots of Alpha activity. We are too strung out, somewhere up either high in the Beta zone or too sleepy somewhere down low.

Because the Alpha brain state allows the brain to recover faster from fatigue or damage caused by mental stress, it is also associated with stress resistance. 

Alpha Binaural Beats for Learning

Binaural beats, which entrain the brain into the Alpha state, aid in learning. Frequency following response processes moves the brain to an optimal learning state. This is extremely helpful for exam preparation and other days when you feel too distracted or restless to work.

Sometimes, however, it isn't easy to focus and absorb information. This is fine for tasks where you only need to focus on the task at hand. However, it is not ideal for tasks requiring information retention, such as exam preparation and language study.

Sometimes, we experience periods of inability to get up and retain information. This can lead to forgetfulness or a loss of memory.

In winter, these periods can occur when we enter "hibernation" mode when we feel tired, demotivated, and uninspired. This state can also occur after an emotional or stressful period.

We have found that using a combination of high Alpha and low Beta frequencies to stimulate the brain can make it more alert, focused, and awake. This is conducive to memory retention. This recording, Memory Activation, is perfect for this purpose.

Alpha Brainwaves' Core Learning Benefits

These are the key learning benefits of alpha brainwaves.

•           Alpha brainwaves are said to awaken, relax, and center the mind.

•           The alpha state allows us to learn, process, memorize and recall large amounts of information.

•           Studies have shown that Alpha brainwaves can be conducive to peak performance.

•           Studies show that creative people burst into Alpha brainwaves when ideas inspire them.

•           Alpha brainwaves can slow down the aging process by allowing recovery from fatigue and mental stress and thereby allowing for higher-level learning.

•           The Alpha state, which is where fears, bad habits, and stress are easier to manage, is a state that allows for optimal learning.

•           Alpha brainwaves can make you feel relaxed, peaceful, and at ease in foreign environments. This is a very positive state for taking exams or tackling difficult tasks in unfamiliar settings.

Listen to our Meditation Mega Bundle to train your brainwaves into the Alpha state. This will allow you to achieve maximum focus, concentration, and productivity.