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Health Meditation Music

In this category, you will find our Health meditation Music titles.

There is ample research that music can improve physical health. From reducing pain to lowering blood pressure, music has a profound effect on the mind and body.

When you go deeper into the human body, you will find energy and vibration as we use special frequencies in our music that target specific areas of wellbeing.

In our health music category we have a special therapeutic music program for the following:


Our music combines science and music to give you deep meditation as just put on your headphones, relax and press play that’s it!


   How our Health Meditation Music works

We use sound frequencies of proven scientific brainwave entrainment music named binaural beats which takes your brain into specific states of wellbeing.

For example: if you are not getting proper sleep, you’re probably producing high gamma or beta waves that lead to overthinking. This makes you feel restless.

Now just put on your headphones and listen to a deep sleep track and it will encourage your brain to release more theta to delta waves production, making you more peaceful and more in control.

Similarly, if you feeling anxious, just listen to an Anxiety minimizer that increases theta waves and minimizes gamma/beta waves, and lets you become calmer.

This way you can use it to change different brain waves to a particular region of the body and change its vibration and reality.

  Our music therapy provides a simple but effective science that occurs naturally in the brain.


Getting Started

You can listen to a 1-minute preview track of each meditation music on the player provided on the product page.

You can add the products you want to the cart.

To get started, just choose from our wide range of relaxation meditation programs.

Each track is instantly downloadable and comes with 10-minutes, 30-minutes, and 1-hour versions. Once you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with your download links.

You will also receive your account login details, so you can log in to download your order from our website at any time in the future. You can listen to it online on the playlist too.

Come and join thousands of others who are benefitting from our Health mediation music.  

Let’s reduce the quantity of stress by using natural music therapy instead of medication.

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