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Brain Tonic Music Track 

Our music uses special frequencies known as “Binaural beats”. Brain tonic music uses special frequencies to access a state of brainpower, memory enhancement, and all-around better wellbeing.

Our music therapy products are supported by “scientific research” in particular the evidence that shows a relationship between gamma waves and memory.

Our brain tonic music is useful in problems such as problems with self-confidence, procrastination, lack of motivation, addiction, and like that.

Our brainwaves entrainment frequency music just changes the brain waves and produces desired waves production.

Every emotion has a certain frequency and vibration and when we come to that level of frequency, we can change the emotion with this sound frequency that leads to tranquility sate.

Our brain tonic meditation music covers the following areas:


How Brain tonic meditation music works

Our brain tonic music is more than just relaxing music.

As you listen, the meditation music track encourages your brain to produce brainwaves at the desired frequency.

One time, you will achieve the state of mind that increases focus, overcomes procrastination, promote confidence and become calmer.  

Now you can reap the benefits of meditation, which would normally take thousands of hours of practice. Just by listening without any effort.

Our brain tonic meditation music helps the students to study harder and even to senior citizens to improve memory such as used as mental wellness.


Getting started

 To get started, just choose from our wide range of brain tonic meditation programs.

Each track is instantly downloadable and comes with 10-minutes, 30-minutes, and 1-hour versions. Once you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with your download links.

You will also receive your account login details, so you can log in to download your order from our website at any time in the future. You can listen to it online on the playlist too.

Come and join thousands of others who are benefitting from our brain tonic mediation music.  

Let’s reduce the quantity of stress and increase productivity by using natural music therapy instead of medication.