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The Science Behind


Now a day, Brainwave entrainment technology comes forward as a complementary medicine and creates miracles in society.

In binaural beats meditation, a different sound frequency is sent to the right and left ears by wearing headphones. The brain interprets one rhythmic consistent frequency by hearing two different frequencies. And so the brain then follows this frequency and produces brain waves of the same frequency.

This is not a new science as entraining the brain through sound is part of human culture for centuries.

The first auditory beats were discovered in 1839, by German physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove. Up until 1973, binaural beats were just a curious anomaly until Gerald Oster, M.D., published his landmark article entitled “Auditory Beats in the Brain,” published in The Scientific American magazine.

Working at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City, Dr. Oster found that binaural beats evoked change in the electrical activity of the listener’s brain. This tendency for brain waves to resonate sympathetically is known as the frequency following response.

 You might tap your foot to the rhythm of a song, brain activity naturally falls into rhythm with binaural beats. This frequency following response means that binaural beats can be orchestrated to influence our brain waves, thus altering our states of consciousness.

Different brain wave types are associated with different mental states, such as alpha for relaxation, beta for concentration, theta for meditation, and delta for sleep.


After fifty-eight years on, and lots of research by scientists and music researchers later, binaural beats music is used by people all over the world to assist in anxiety and stress relief, improve sleep, pain relief, improve concentration and memory.

As said earlier, in binaural beats music is the process of which sending two different sound frequencies to each ear through headphones. The entrainment happens inside the brain and is caused by the physiological response. By hearing two different sound frequencies, the brain perceives a new tone based on the mathematical difference between the two frequencies.

And so the brain follows the new sound frequency and produces brainwaves at the same rate as Hertz (Hz). As hertz (Hz) means to measure the cycle of sound. 1Hz means one vibration cycle per second.

Let’s understand it by example:

The support we sent different frequencies such as 100 Hz sound frequency sent to the right ear, and 112 Hz sound frequency sent to the left ear, the brain will perceive a new frequency of 12 Hz – the difference between the two. The brain then follows the new frequency of 12 Hz and produces brain waves at the same rate of Hz. And that is possible through listening by headphones.

So you don’t have to think about it all it's just very easy as taking a good pair of headphones, feeling comfortable, relaxing, and press play.  


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Let’s discuss different brain waves

As explained above, the binaural beat is used for changing brainwaves frequency which changes the state of brain waves which are as follows:

  • Delta waves: 1-4 Hz
  • Theta waves: 4-7 Hz
  • Alpha waves: 8-14 Hz
  • Beta waves: 15-31 Hz
  • Gamma waves: 32- 40 Hz

Binaural beats meditation music can produce desired brain waves depending on low to high frequency in Hz.

Different brain waves use to alter the state of mind and emotion such as alpha waves of relaxation and increase creativity, the beta for focus, theta for meditation and memory, the delta for deep sleep and healing, gamma for enhancing cognitive performance.

Delta Waves:

Binaural beats in the delta range of 1 to 4 Hz are associated with the deepest levels of sleep where growth hormone is released. So this delta waves meditation music helps you to achieve good sleep, self-healing, anti-aging, pain relief, and regeneration.  

Resting the brain through adequate sleep is an effect sought for when listening to delta binaural beats meditation music. Deep sleep allows the brain to store new information into long-term memory. By listening on regular basis, listeners become calmer and more relaxed.

Theta Waves:

 Theta waves as 4 to 7 Hz are most well-known to induce deep meditation and healing. This frequency helps to improve memory, improve anxiety and stress, in a state of relaxation, there is less resistance. Listening to theta beats relaxes the mind, and creates a pleasurable mind-body experience. This strong link between the release of endorphins and learning, allows the brain to become a sponge where learning becomes easier and more information can be absorbed into long-term memory.

Alpha Waves:

Alpha binaural beats, 7-14 Hz are widely used to increase creativity, reduce anxiety and enhance wellbeing. Alpha waves are the ideal frequency for deep relaxation and reducing anxiety levels overall. It is also used for students and elders.

Beta Waves:

Beta waves, 14-31 Hz are predominantly present in normal wide-awake consciousness, while reading, writing, and working. Beta is linked to problem solving, alertness, and increasing the ability to concentrate. It is an excellent choice to clear brain fog, for study, or whenever full concentration is required. Those who listen to these auditory beats will have an evolution of ideas and leading solutions to complex problems.

Gamma Waves:

40 Hz gamma waves are used to enhance cognition and are beneficial for focus as well as concentration. Its very fast brain wave frequency is linked to sparks of inspiration and insight. Working professionals, artists, or students who need next-level cognitive thinking may find listening to gamma wave meditation music stimulating. These waves are shown to increase divergent thinking or the creation of many possible ideas.


These are specific frequencies associated with different states of mind, and indeed different results can be experienced in the low, middle, and high areas of each brainwave state.

You may wonder how it is possible to hear frequency below 20 Hz because the human hearing threshold is commonly cited as 20 to 20,000 Hz. Well, you are not actually hearing the frequency the brain interprets. What you hear is the initial frequencies sent to your right and left ears. The binaural beats are the resulting frequency, which the brain interprets after hearing the sound of two frequencies. This response happens inside the brain. It's like you don’t hear the resulting frequency and the brain is tricked into responding this way. In this way, the brain would produce brainwaves of 12 Hz, which means a frequency of 12 cycles per second, and subsequently produce brainwaves of the same frequency.


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Binaural beats help in different areas of life as:

  • Relaxation
  • Focus
  • Concentration
  • Memory
  • Meditation
  • Spiritual awareness
  • Positive thinking
  • Pain management
  • Deep sleep
  • Stress relief
  • Creativity
  • Confidence
  • Energy
  • Learning

Sattva vibes have developed advanced music therapy special design for meditation and relaxation.

You can understand now how binaural beats meditation music works. So start listening to your own required meditation music track from our music store.