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The whole creation of the universe starts with sound and manifests itself and the first word is known as "AUM".

Spirituality means a deeper connection with the human spirit or soul or higher dimensional reality.

Meditation has been used as a vehicle to connect people to spirituality for thousands of years.

Spirituality gives you access to a deeper level of yourself and a strong connection to the Earth and Mother Nature.

You can now start the journey of spiritual vibes with our blissful meditation music track.

Spiritual Vibes music meditation

We have meditation music downloads covering a broad range of programs.

Our Spiritual vibes music is not attached to any religion and it can be used by all faiths.

Here, some of our best tracks are as follows:


How Spiritual vibes music works

Our music contains special brainwaves entrainment music known as “Binaural beats”. This scientifically proven technology can be used to entrain the brain to a specific state of wellbeing.

Additionally, we also tune our track to the specific frequency which is also known as healing properties.

And that is the reason, we receive many users, positive feedback because we provide meditation music not only to help you to meditate but to promote healing.

 You can play music from any device like mobile, computer, tablet, or any mp3 player. You can download it on your device or listen online via the playlist.

For example:  If you are feeling really stressed out from your work, you might choose to put on our stress relief track.


Getting Started

To get started, just choose from our wide range of relaxation meditation programs.

You have to just find yourself comfortable with place and clothes and listen to them with headphones.

You can listen to it by sleeping or use it in the background while doing any productive work, reading, or just for relaxation.

Meditation can be done at any time of the day, but it is more useful to start the day with meditation.

Each track is instantly downloadable and comes with 10-minutes, 30-minutes, and 1-hour versions. Once you place your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with your download links.

You will also receive your account login details, so you can log in to download your order from our website at any time in the future. You can listen to it online on the playlist too.

Come and join thousands of others who are benefitting from our relaxation mediation music.  

Let’s reduce the quantity of stress by using natural music therapy instead of medication.

We recommend a minimum of 10 minutes of listening time to benefit from the relaxation meditation music track.

 Start receiving spiritual vibes through the journey of Sound.  

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