Raising Vibration Supplement
 Raising Vibration Supplement
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Raising Vibration Supplement
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Length: Contains 10, 30 & 60 minutes versions 

Sound Waves: Theta Waves & Delta Waves


  • Expand Awareness
  • Better Sleep
  • Mind Body & Sould Integration
  • Raise Higher Consciousness

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Everything your physical eye can't see is sometimes the key to revitalizing ourselves. Our vibrational energy has an impact on our bodies, hearts, and spirits, as well as the people and cosmos around us, so keeping it at a healthy level is critical.

Your vibrations are soaring high if you routinely wake up feeling compassionate, joyful, and ready to take on the day. If, on the other hand, you're bored, or trapped, your vibrations are probably low, and it's time to raise them again.

Our Raising Vibration Supplement employs the use of Delta and Theta Brain waves for cosmic healing attunement and to raise your vibration.



Why You Need to Raise Your Vibration.

Everything you're going through right now is a result of vibrations you've sent out in the past.

Being around negative individuals can mess with your own energy, just as being around negative people can mess with the positive energy in your home.

 Find people who bring you joy and positivity, and only allow these people to get close to you. The less time you spend surrounded by negative energy, the better off you will be.

Furthermore, spending time with people who share similar passions and interests who will encourage you rather than criticize your new activities is invigorating and strengthening. It's also critical to find an instructor who will advise and mentor you.


Tips For Raising Your Vibration

Here are a few ideas to keep your vibrations at their highest level:

  • Immerse yourself in the rhythm of a binaural beat.

Certain sounds, such as those heard in a sound bath with gongs and bowls, have been demonstrated to help us relax and be more receptive by causing a shift in our brainwave state. Research has also shown that binaural beats in the theta and Delta frequency help to raise the vibration of our Living and help us live more fulfilled lives

  • Exercise

Just because you're focusing on your internal rhythm doesn't mean you're neglecting your exterior one! Physical activity is quite important. It not only allows energy to flow through your brain and oxygenate it, but it also induces the release of endorphins, which are mood-enhancing compounds. You feel wonderful after a solid workout, and when you feel great, it's simpler to fall headfirst into delight! You must ensure that the activity is one that you enjoy so that you can put your heart and soul into it and make it a truly rewarding experience.

  • Take some time to meditate.

Meditation can help you relax, calm your mind, and gain a deeper understanding of your ideas and feelings. All of these exercises are extremely high-vibrational! Focus on your breath for a few minutes in a tranquil, relaxing environment (or create one for yourself with headphones). Don't worry if your mind wanders and you become distracted; this is entirely normal. Begin to bring it back to the breath with kindness.

Allowing yourself to slow down and refocus your thoughts on what matters most is a life-changing experience. Get up a little early or set aside sometime before bed to meditate and restore your frequencies. Because all of our negative issues from the day often weigh us down before we fall asleep, this can be a perfect segue to a restful night's sleep. The alternative approach is to prepare your heart by strengthening it, preparing it to face a world of negativity, and increasing your positive vibrations. Experiment with both and find which works best for you!

  • Pay attention to your chakras.

Your seven main chakras, which are the body's spiritual energy centers, are ideal places to enhance your overall vibration. From the base of the spine to the summit of the head, the chakras flow. Our energy is continually flowing when they are open and aligned, allowing us to be more creative, happy, and healthy.

Close your eyes and take a deep breath, envisioning a line of pure energy flowing freely up and down your spine to eliminate any obstructions. Chakra healing can begin in the places where you are experiencing blockages.

  • Be grateful for what you have.

We achieve a higher vibratory state by practicing thankfulness. Make a list of all the many things you can be thankful for in your life rather than focusing on what you don't have. It indicates you conclude the day on a pleasant note, which makes it easier to fall asleep.

  • Carry out a yoga flow.

Yoga poses help you to dig deeper into your body and mind, releasing stagnant energy and elevating your vibration. Additionally, the more you move, the more your energy vibrates, so try a fluid class like vinyasa if you're feeling particularly low. A yin posture like a child's pose can actually assist reset the system and lifting your mood if you're tired.

  •  Make an effort to be mindful.

Increasing your self-awareness and awareness of your surroundings is a fantastic approach to boost your positive vibrations. After all, mindfulness can help us be more sensitive and thoughtful, which makes us more likely to treat others and ourselves with kindness and compassion. Don't let life pass you by; become aware of what's going on around you.

  • Take a deep breath.

Deep breathing helps to soothe your nervous system, resulting in a greater sense of tranquility. Take a couple of deep breaths into your belly for a count of 4, pausing at the top of the in-breath, then exhaling out for a count of 4, holding at the bottom of the out-breath to raise your vibrations.

  • . Keep a positive mindset.

How we feel is influenced by our thoughts. If you have an overly gloomy or nervous mindset, you may find yourself drawn to events that reinforce these feelings. The theory that our thoughts shape our world has some merit. Don't avoid tough emotions, but don't indulge in low-vibrational negative thoughts.

  • Watch your diet

Dieting and nutrition have a smaller impact than paying attention to what you eat. Food is an energy source that has the ability to boost or deplete your energy levels. So only put positive things into your body! It's not all created equal. Some foods have very low vibration, sometimes even negative energy, and should not be consumed on a regular basis.

Everything you will encounter in your life is a result of the vibrations you are producing right now. The law of attraction acts in this way.

So, as you muck up the present by worrying about the future that hasn't happened yet, you also damage it by putting out anxiety vibrations.

When you're constantly in fight or flight mode, it's quite tough to get positive results.

Don't be too hard on yourself just yet. It's quite impossible to change your mood solely through rational decisions. Most of the time, it doesn't work. The region of your brain that is responsible for attention thoughtfully shuts down when your Amygdala is aroused.

You can change your life. You can manifest the world you desire.

You can keep a high vibration and concentrate solely on what you really want to attract by using Binaural beats. You may manifest your largest ambitions and live your desires by shifting your concentration away from what you don't want.

And that is exactly what this track will help you achieve. ORDER NOW to unlock these benefits.



A minimum of 10 minutes is recommended per listening session. For busy people, You can purchase the 10 minutes versions. Regular listening and meditation: 30 minutes is recommended.  For sleeping or background purposes: Use 60 minutes. 

You can also play music offline by downloading it or listening to it online in our playlist.    

The program is adaptable, and you can listen to any of the variants at any time of day.

You can listen whenever you're feeling overwhelmed by negative or unpleasant ideas.

You have the option of listening with or without headphones.
Although listening with headphones is recommended.

Please keep in mind that the binaural beats will only work with headphones.

As a result, you will only benefit from peaceful music if you listen without headphones.

When listening without headphones, make sure you're within a meter and a half of the speakers.


Product FAQ

We recommend a start listening of 2 sessions per day like one in the morning and in the night or afternoon.

first, choose your desired goal and make daily routing for listening to appropriate music based on your need.

you can select like as select exercise stimulus in the morning routine, power nap in the noon, and relaxation magnifier in the evening. that's the way you can make a schedule.

once you get the desired result, you can change the track depending on the next desired goal.

well, it is a good idea to stick one music track up to 2 to 3 weeks still find gradual change in your behavior patterns or thinking.

we provide our music track in .mp3 format, at 320kbps. This is very high-quality in.mp3 format.it is more effective brainwave entrainment and you will get a better listening experience.

yes, definitely you can listen to a preview having 1 minute of all meditation music tracks in individual music contains in the store.   

our music track contains calming meditative music. music that not only gives you a pleasurable experience but technically it altered your state of consciousness and brain waves. you can listen to our sample music from the store to the product page and you will find 1- minute music, just check and play at top of the page. 

we have a wide variety of different meditation bundles but instead, you can make your bundle too. 

yes, you can make your own bundle by adding 9 music tracks related to your choice and a discount will be applied.


yes, binaural beats music is used by millions of people over the world. there have been ample studies observed using binaural beats technology and brainwave entrainment and no report found as side effects. but we advise you to consult a physician before using our music track if you have any chronic disease. 

Of Course,  Click here to visit THE SCIENCE BEHIND page for details part of brainwave entrainment and its science.

please click here, STEP TO DOWNLOAD, to read about downloading your meditation music on your android/iPhone/laptop/computer/MacBook/tablet or any device.

Yes, you can listen to your desired meditation track online on the website on our playlist. you will get details on My account after purchasing our meditation track. 



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