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Brain Entrainment: How To Increase Your Brain Activity Naturally

The brain produces waves that have a significant impact on our daily lives. Not all brainwaves are created equal. Each one affects us in

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Learning Made Easy: Using Alpha Binaural Beats

Are binaural beats able to help you learn better?

Yes, that's the short answer. However, to prove it, we need two things.

First, how conducive is

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Experience Happiness Like Never Before

Are you through some challenges that make you feel unhappy? Have you ever thought this feeling called happiness is not for everybody or for someone like yourself?

Have you tried different methods or different means to make yourself happy but it did not work out?

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How Important Are Theta Brain Waves?

Your brain constantly produces bursts of electrical activity. In fact, that’s how groups of neurons in your brain communicate with each other. When your brain produces these electrical pulses, that’s what’s known as brain wave activity.

Your brain produces five different kinds of brain waves, each of which operates at a different speed.

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Natural Ways To Boost Your Immunity

Health is a major concern in this modern age. This is normal because it is hard to live a happy life without good health. The immune system is essential for good health. It is a complex network of cells and tissues that constantly monitor intruders. It is the body's white knight. Expert advice suggests several preventive steps you can take to ensure your immune system is working p

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What�s The Experience We Get When We Meditate?

It’s a valid question. There are many possible answers. Here are a few to consider. First, mindfulness is the act of becoming aware of your awareness. It doesn't matter what state you're in, whether you're thinking about a movie or a book. All that stuff becomes apparent when you start to meditate. That's fine! 

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Beta Binaural Beats: An Overview Of Its Propagation And Effectiveness On The Brain

The effects of binaural beats on the brain continue to be studied, and have become increasingly popular among those seeking benefits similar to that of meditation, i.e. deep relaxation, better focus, improved sleep, and lower levels of anxiety.

At a basic level, the frequencies used in binaural beats music target four main brainwave states: Delta, Theta, Alpha, Beta.

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Binaural Beats - An Auditory Illusion

Actually, when the brain is exposed to two different frequencies then one tone is produced by it which refers to binaural beats. These beats help in sort of hacking the brain to achieve the desired state. The brain is the powerhouse and controller of the body. It not only controls all the actions but also has a direct effect on your interest in performing these actions.

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Art Of Meditation

Peace is an important feature in any context. Attaining peace from within and from the surroundings has always been much sought-after interest.

Being such an important element to the general well-being of anything, much research has been put into finding the best and most effective way of attaining peace, and if a method is found that is cost-free, even better.…

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Binaural Beats Overview

Entrainment: Entrainment is the synchronization of two different beats to make them harmonious. This is the phenomenon that is carried out to enhance and power up certain brain wave states. The tone resulting from the difference in frequency of two binaural beats undergo entrainment with brain frequency. Brainwave entrainment brings a rapid change in

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