Abundance Menifestor
 Abundance Menifestor
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Abundance Menifestor
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Length: Contains 10, 30 & 60 minutes versions 

Sound Waves: Theta Waves


  • Developing Mindset-Attitude of Gratitude 
  • Become More Proactive
  • Increase Positive Thoughts Pattern
  • Spiritual Growth
  • Improve Brain Function

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Abundance Meditation helps clear self-limiting beliefs that prevent you from attracting success and positivity into your life.

 Regular listening will help reprogram the old negative beliefs and behaviors that prevent you from achieving your goals and manifesting prosperity in your life.

The composition blends calming textures with Eastern musical influences to create a blissful listening experience.

In addition to the positive affirmations, we use Theta binaural beats at 6.15 Hz



The Right Binaural Beats Frequency For Abundance Manifestation

These frequencies promote inter-awareness of self and purpose, allowing those who are experiencing a state of confusion to relax and find solutions to their difficulties. The second frequency works in tandem with the affirmations, providing inner guidance to assist you to progress from "knowledge" to "knowing."

We were able to construct a strong personal development CD that can help you attract success and prosperity into your life by combining binaural beats, subliminal affirmations, and music tuning in this way.

You've come to the correct site if you're seeking the best binaural beats for manifesting success and abundance.

Binaural Beats have been shown to aid in the attainment of profound states of meditation by gradually and naturally altering the frequency of your brain.

And if you've seen The Secret, you'll know that a meditative state of mind is ideal for using the Law of Attraction to "attract" success and plenty.

Why not trust the collective wisdom of Binaural Beats Freaks readers and choose the most popular binaural for success instead of trying to comprehend and compare different products based on seductive marketing copy?

That way, you'll be able to make an intelligent, well-informed, and cost-effective selection – and receive the finest outcomes and value for your money.

Based on sales through our website, here's a quick rundown of some of the most popular binaural beats for manifestation. With these, you'll be sure to enter a deep meditative state.

Here's What I'm Using to Manifest Success & Prosperity

These MP3s will assist you if you have a clear notion of what you want in your life – goals, money, success – and you want a little aid from your brain and subconscious mind to get there.

You'll have better access to your subconscious mind and be able to envision more easily if you enter a deep meditation state.

Your "left brain" and "right-brain" will work in perfect harmony when you attain a state of brainwave synchronization. The abundance manifestor track was created to assist you in changing your "vibes" and feeling more abundant. It's very amazing, and with consistent use, you should notice an improvement in your manifestation abilities.

Finally, this track will provide you with everything you require to manifest happiness and success in all aspects of your life.

This is a mind-blowing pack that will take your brain to the next level and unleashes abilities you didn't know you possessed, from improved sleep to positive thinking, greater learning ability, energy healing, higher spirituality, and zen-like meditation, the deep focus at work, and increased physical vitality.

How to Achieve Abundance with Abundance Manifestor

Find a comfortable, distraction-free environment that is best for listening to binaural beats. Then plug on your headset and play the Abundance manifesto track. Short listening time-frames are recommended, but make it at least 30 minutes for each listening session daily.

But you must have a mindset of abundance. What does it mean to have an abundance mindset? A mindset of abundance refers to seeing life's infinite potential. It implies that you are aware of your own and others' potential. As a result, you make a conscious effort to create the life you desire.

Visualize the results you want to see in your head as the music flows through you. Visualization is very important to help you achieve your goals.

Listen to the music on low volume at all times and also pick music that reflects your personality and what you want to achieve.

Make sure you're listening to the right beat because a wrong choice of binaural beat aside from abundance manifesto will not produce the desired results.  the binaural beat audio in your headphones for at least 30 minutes a day ensures that the rhythm is enshrined (has fallen into synchronization) throughout the brain.

Do not jump to the middle of the track. You'll never be able to get the desired result if you do that.

If you're already familiar with Binaural Beats, here are some pointers on how to get the most out of them.


End Result after Use

Those who have an abundant mindset feel that everything in the world is abundant, including:

  • resources,
  •  love,
  • relationships,
  • wealth,
  •  and possibilities.

You too can also start seeing the manifestation of abundance in your daily life if you download this track and practice all the steps as they've been explained here.

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A minimum of 10 minutes is recommended per listening session. For busy people, You can purchase the 10 minutes versions. Regular listening and meditation: 30 minutes is recommended.  For sleeping or background purposes: Use 60 minutes. 

You can also play music offline by downloading it or listening to it online in our playlist.    

The program is adaptable, and you can listen to any of the variants at any time of day.

You can listen whenever you're feeling overwhelmed by negative or unpleasant ideas.

You have the option of listening with or without headphones.
Although listening with headphones is recommended.

Please keep in mind that the binaural beats will only work with headphones.

As a result, you will only benefit from peaceful music if you listen without headphones.

When listening without headphones, make sure you're within a meter and a half of the speakers.


Product FAQ

We recommend a start listening of 2 sessions per day like one in the morning and in the night or afternoon.

first, choose your desired goal and make daily routing for listening to appropriate music based on your need.

you can select like as select exercise stimulus in the morning routine, power nap in the noon, and relaxation magnifier in the evening. that's the way you can make a schedule.

once you get the desired result, you can change the track depending on the next desired goal.

well, it is a good idea to stick one music track up to 2 to 3 weeks still find gradual change in your behavior patterns or thinking.

we provide our music track in .mp3 format, at 320kbps. This is very high-quality in.mp3 format.it is more effective brainwave entrainment and you will get a better listening experience.

yes, definitely you can listen to a preview having 1 minute of all meditation music tracks in individual music contains in the store.   

our music track contains calming meditative music. music that not only gives you a pleasurable experience but technically it altered your state of consciousness and brain waves. you can listen to our sample music from the store to the product page and you will find 1- minute music, just check and play at top of the page. 

we have a wide variety of different meditation bundles but instead, you can make your bundle too. 

yes, you can make your own bundle by adding 9 music tracks related to your choice and a discount will be applied.


yes, binaural beats music is used by millions of people over the world. there have been ample studies observed using binaural beats technology and brainwave entrainment and no report found as side effects. but we advise you to consult a physician before using our music track if you have any chronic disease. 

Of Course,  Click here to visit THE SCIENCE BEHIND page for details part of brainwave entrainment and its science.

please click here, STEP TO DOWNLOAD, to read about downloading your meditation music on your android/iPhone/laptop/computer/MacBook/tablet or any device.

Yes, you can listen to your desired meditation track online on the website on our playlist. you will get details on My account after purchasing our meditation track. 



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